Learn IT skills - Certify Yourself

Certifications can be great tools for accelerated learning. Let's take a look at some of the benefits

Learn IT skills - Certify Yourself

We live in a world that the pace of change is way faster in IT. Our core IT skills require our maintainenance and update if not continuous addition and ammendment. As IT professionals, we can never be ready. By the time we achieve the skills we focus upon, those skills need to be updated to catch up with the latest technology developments.

However, certifications can be great tools for accelerated learning. Let's take a look at some of the benefits:

  1. Choosing to certify gives you a clear goal for your learning efforts.
  2. Preparing for a certification will give you comprehensive coverage of the chosen topic
  3. There is a plethora of good quality resources for certification preparation (in your prefered way - at a fraction of the cost)
  4. Certification gives you feedback on your status
  5. A certificate can be of high value if not a clear label for marketing your skill

In the world of IT, opportunities are endless. IT is no longer a tool for your job, it's in many ways the job itself. It's rare this days that IT is not part of or bound to several different tasks and jobs in your every day life. Therefore it's now all about your choice of focus, your expertise, your interests and your alignment to the current market demand.

Choosing where to focus, what to select and where to invest can be a daunting task, but a simple self assesment can make a whole lot of difference.

  1. List the topics, the IT skills, you are natually drawn into.
    Don't think about it, just write them down as the come to you. What is it that you want to learn or that you would enjoy drilling down.
  2. Take a step back from that list and review looking for areas that can be grouped or would be combined to offer a bigger whole.
  3. Now that you have like a top 5, let's try to tie this to market demand. Think about your professional enviroment, changing industry needs, upcoming requirements, technologies already being used, skills in short supply, what do companies hiring need.

Cross check your top 5 skills for your interests and career and make the match for your focus. For example, Cloud Developer skills in booming Healthcare Industry, could lead you in focusing on Healthcare Cloud Developer or Architect type of focus area.