OCI Break-Glass, Part Two

This is the second blog post in a series of posts that deal with the subject of break-glass of an OCI account. In this post we'll...

Managing Long Lived Sessions with OCI Bastion Service

This post discusses how to maintain long lived sessions even when Bastions sessions time out.

A simple function to wakeup functions

This blog post discusses and demonstrates a simple piece of code for waking up an entire Oracle Functions application in a single...

OCI IAM 'User Name First' Feature Support in Custom Login...

OCI IAM 'User Name First' Feature Support in Custom Login Widget

Using an OCI Identity Domain Dashboard to Bookmark Apps

Create an application dashboard where you can provide links to applications for your users. Provide easy access to Oracle, non-Oracle,...

OCI VTAP and Linux RSyslog

OCI VTAP and Linux RSyslog

CIS OCI Landing Zone Updates for CIS OCI Benchmark v.1.2

OCI CIS Landing Zone updates to align with the CIS OCI Benchmark version 1.2.0

Fusion Cloud Vendor Extract using BICC

Oracle Fusion Cloud Vendor and Vendor Sites Extract using BICC

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